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It has been a bit since we have now included another blogger right here, on Urban Dater. I have been trying feature additional blog writers that haven’t been presented right here before, or blog writers we’re not pals with on Twitter.
Lately we performed this with some fresh blood in the way of a Guest Blog Post.
While visitor articles are great, it just offers restricted information and insight towards blogger. So today, i believe we will get some individual and decide on the guts with a job interview with Molly Ford, the bloggess behind Smart cute and Awkward (



Just how do you started to the choice which you wished to website regarding the dating encounters and guidance?


– I never actually made a mindful choice to blog about matchmaking, it

seems all-natural for an information blog site to pay for interactions. At any moment,

mostly all of us have one, wishes one, or perhaps is looking to get out-of one.

A –

What is actually your own guidance to the people wanting to do the same?

M –

I really don’t want it when people weblog personal aspects of those they’ve been matchmaking. My date doesn’t always have a web log because he doesn’t want the entire world to learn their life therefore I’m certainly not planning share it for him.

A –

Do you have a “golden guideline” for dating? Relationships?

M –

Just day funny individuals. This is certainly a more than simply “date someone which makes

you chuckle” – the funniest folks are the ones preferred with by themselves, and so are in addition frequently able to make serious observations towards globe. All characteristics i would like in someone while i am sitting next to all of them viewing

Popular Household

and dialing the diner downstairs for a shipment of strawberry ice-cream.

A –

Do you know the differences between Urban and Suburban online dating? (The metropolitan Dater is actually excitedly waiting for the solution here.


M –

Metropolitan relationship is way better. I can’t clarify the reason why, with the exception that maybe as you

don’t need to concern yourself with DDs.

A –

Do you actually or not inform your dates regarding the weblog? How about your


M –

Not simply carry out we inform

my personal *dates about my personal blog site, however if I came across *your

dates, i’d probably let them know about it too. I work very hard to make the weblog relevant and interesting and I’m excitedly proud to display it off. Onetime after a first date this son experience the wise Pretty and embarrassing archives and emailed myself his preferred ideas together with own small discourse, which had been really thoughtful. And his commentary was actually humorous, in order for helped also.

A –


ave you been on times along with other bloggers? Just how performed they’re going? Can you

suggest doing so with other blog writers?

M –

Yes, Alex, we’ll continue a night out together with you. But why don’t we not lame and explore special visitors and metatags your whole time.



Do you really write to entertain or even to assist?

M –

I am hoping I do both.

A –

I am constantly expected just what blogging system you will need to utilize whenever entering

blogging. What’s your chosen operating a blog system?

M –

I began with Blogger, after that switched to WordPress. I prefer WordPress Blogs a lot more,

but that’s merely your own choice. I believe it is important (some

would differ with me here) is to get a website name which means you lack

.typepad or .wordpress in your target. In my opinion that looks yucky.

A –

What type of tree do you be?

M –

A dogwood. For some reason that solution appeared acutely clear for me,

although You will find not a clue exactly why.

A –

I am aware some online dating bloggers end running a blog once they go into a significant

relationship. How long will you website about online dating guidance? Preciselywhat are

your opinions here?


– Intelligent cute and Awkward is an extremely, really fun part of living and I also could

perhaps not and wouldn’t desire to be with somebody that failed to “get” that.

Some Thing About Molly ~

In actual life, I spend my personal times getting only a little uncomfortable, slightly pretty, and some smart. Additionally having countless diet plan coke, putting on just dresses, and consuming quite a few spaghetti, because Sophia Loren when said about her human body, “everything you can see, we are obligated to pay to spaghetti.”



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