Confidence Cement Compressor

Our company, which has been operating in the model and casting sector for more than 40 years, has serious experience in the defense industry, automotive sector, construction sector, machinery manufacturing, construction equipment spare parts, food sector and especially in the production of compressor casting parts that we have been doing for years. Our company, which has been observing the problems and deficiencies experienced in compressor manufacturing for years, has decided to start compressor manufacturing with its decades of experience in cast iron.

Casting all of the model-casting parts of the compressors we have produced in our foundry will increase the machine quality and highlight our competitive identity. We believe that our company, which aims to produce efficient and durable compressors without sacrificing quality, will take the place it deserves in the sector in a short time with its sustainable price policy and service network that supports the user. We are the only company that manufactures models, castings and compressors in our country.

Our Vision

In order to produce efficient, durable, and cost-effective compressors for our valued customers, we work with great devotion with our entire production staff. Our aim is to become a sought-after brand in the sector by bringing together users from all over the world, as well as in Turkey, with the compressors we have produced, producing appropriate solutions to the problems experienced, and gaining the trust of the customers.

Our Mission

  1. To solve the problems of our valued customers who prefer our brand as soon as possible.
  2. Keeping our machine quality always above our prices.
  3. Keeping up with technology with our R&D studies. to adapt to developments.
  4. To use the most suitable cast iron and spare parts in our machine without commercial concerns.