What is the best air compressor for a cement bulker?

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What is the best air compressor for a cement bulker?

What are the prices of air compressors?

How are compressor prices determined?

Compressors are basically machines produced from cast materials. The most important part of this process is that the raw materials used in the casting process are the correct ones.

This process is of absolute importance, as the materials used in the manufacture of the compressor parts could be changed causing a malfunction. While these components may work at the beginning of their operation, they will inevitably cause the need to purchase a new compressor every few years. It is also very common to observe cases of oil leakage during the operation of some compressors. The use of cast materials with non-compliant materials causes serious compressor malfunctions. This leads to increased costs for the purchase of spare parts to keep the equipment in operation. Therefore, two important questions need to be asked when purchasing a new compressor:

  1. Are the materials used approved by a metallurgical engineer?
  2. What are the mechanical properties of the materials used?

One of the factors that determine the price of a compressor is the balance of materials used in its manufacture. The correct processing of materials implies, of course, a higher cost. However, if the casting process of the compressor components is not done in a balanced way, serious vibrations will occur that will eventually cause metal fatigue in the semi-trailer, as well as significant problems in the kingpin of the truck where it is used. The costs of repairing these failures would lead to a significant increase in the maintenance costs of the transport and compression equipment.

Another important point is that many brands of compressors are not properly synchronized to the frequency coming from the power supply during the transfer of cement from the cement bulker to the silo, causing the motor to burn out due to the absence of safety relays inside the electrical panels. This motor malfunction results in the motor having to be repaired or replaced with a new motor. These incidents mean a loss of assets and will increase service costs.

Common Problems

Oil leakage is another common problem in cement bulker compressors. The prevention of these problems and their reduction to zero is achieved by the design and casting of the parts used through processes designed by specialized engineers. Therefore, a guarantee of zero oil leakage should be requested from the manufacturer, which is another important factor in determining the fair price of a cement bulker air compressor.

With these considerations in mind, you can make the right choice when purchasing a new compressor that you will be able to use for many years to come. A good choice will reduce your need for spare parts, which means great savings and cost reduction in the medium and long term.

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